Report on Notes & Attachments

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Release Notes

Summer 18 (1.4)

Fixes in this Release:

  • Corrects the Known Issue from Spring 18 (1.3) in which the existing ContentDocument (new Enhanced Notes and Attachments) are not available for reporting. Now the application will report on existing Notes & Attachments and keep track of any added/updated Notes & Attachment as expected
  • When using Lightning, the title link and link to Enhanced Notes & Attachments correctly redirects to the appropriate location, maintaining the Lightning UI
  • Body of Enhanced Notes in Lightning is reportable, including using the CONTAINS filter, and displays the maximum allowed text in the on-screen report and the complete body in the exportable report

New in this Release:

  • New "Raw Body" column for reporting that shows HTML markup of any Enhanced Notes
  • Setup screen now has links to e-mail support with useful system information
  • Setup screen will not allow an admin to execute the collectors if the collectors are currently running
  • Scheduled collectors will not run if the collectors are currently running
  • Support for the following languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian

Known Issues

  • Large amounts of large notes and/or large attachments cause the collectors to fail operating
  • Hitting Save or Run Now is not saving the Batch Size

Spring 18 (1.3)

First public release:

  • Notes and Attachments from the Classic UI
  • Notes and ContentDocuments from the Lightning UI
  • And a mix of Orders, Attachments and ContentDocuments if both UIs were/are being used
  • Report Types are created for Accounts, Contacts, Contracts, Opportunities, and Orders
  • Example reports using the report types are included

Known Issues:

  • (FIXED IN Summer 18 v1.4) For Lightning users ONLY: while the application will start keeping track of ContentDocuments from the day it is installed, but it will not collect existing ContentDocuments (i.e. Attachments in the Lightning UI) and allow you to report on them. We are actively discussing with the technical issues on the platform that prevent us from providing this past data collection in Lightning ONLY. We are also studying alternatives, and will provide an update as soon as possible