Report on Notes & Attachments

Due to recent changes in the Document object by Salesforce, we had to temporarily pull the app from the AppExchange while we work in making it reliable for larger datasets.

The Report on Notes & Attachments application for the platform fills a void in the default implementation, allowing users to use a few custom report types to create reports for Notes and Attachments in several of the default objects, like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, etc.

Out-of-the-box provides no mechanism to report on Notes and Attachments - which may be an impediment to establishing good sales management practices that create the sought after 360 degree view of the client. 

The app collects details about Notes and Attachments in a custom object and provides custom report types that allow users to easily create reports.


Sample Report of Account Notes and Attachments

The above is a report created using the custom Report Type for Account with Notes and Attachments. Notice that the body of the note is available to the report, while for a file attachment the application lists the file path for the file (this is to prevent duplication of attachments and increased data usage in the platform). In both cases, a link is provided that can be clicked to go to the original Note or Attachment.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.03.04 PM.png

Administrator Configuration

The above is the screen available to Administrators via the Installed Packages > Configure link. It allows the Admins to run the collection of Notes and Attachments immediately, or schedule the execution up to every four hours a day.

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See it working!

The video above will showcase the application features.

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Reporting on Notes & Attachments

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With the Report on Notes & Attachments application we introduce the ability to report on Notes and Attachments in both the Lightning and Classic UI.

High-level Road-Map

  • Support for Notes & Attachments associated to Activities and Leads

  • Support for Notes and Attachments associated to custom objects

  • Include a flag for Notes that contain e-mail address (Contains Email Address checkbox)

  • Include a flag for Notes that contain Lead or Contact names (Contains Lead/Contact Name checkbox)

  • Include a flag for Notes that match a regular expression (Match Regular Expression checkbox)