Account Ownership Transfer


The Account Ownership Transfer application for the platform fills a void in the default implementation, allowing users changing the Owner of an Account to decide which objects - Child Accounts, Contacts, open Opportunities, open Contracts, open Orders, Notes & Attachments, and Activities - should also be transferred to the new owner.

Out-of-the-box changing the owner of an Account will forcefully change the owner of all Contacts under the account, but this application fixes that and supports the common usecase of an Account being owned by a sales director while some Contact at the account are owned by other Sales Reps. Administrators can configure the app's user experience, deciding which users are allowed to change Account owner, which related objects will transfer by choice of the authorized users, which will transfer automatically, and which will never transfer.

The app provides a new button (Transfer Ownership) and a new field (Account Owner) that replace the out-of-the-box counterparts, a new screen that displays only the what is permitted by the Administrator via application setup, and a setup screen available exclusively to administrators.


User Changing the Account Owner

The above is the screen presented to an authorized user when they elect to change the owner of an account. The default state of the checkboxes is controlled by the administrator, who could even decide to hide some of the options and automatically transfer (or not) the ownership of child objects.

Administrator Configuration

The above is the screen available to Administrators. It allows the configuration of which ownership transfer to apply to child records of the Account, including default values presented to the users and which roles or users are blacklisted or whitelisted to transfer account ownership.

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See it working!

The video above will showcase the application features.


Trailblazer Community Ideas solved

Changing Account Ownership

The idea is old (7+ years as of this writing) and has 578 votes and 2 merged ideas. It starts by saying "When changing an account owner to another user, there's is no option 'not' to transfer contacts...". 

With our application there is complete control over what related objects are going to have their owners changed alongside the change to the Account Owner, and customizable control on the hands of the Administrator as to what options are available to the users.

Transferring parent account and its child Accounts to new owner in one step

The idea is old (2+ years as of this writing) and has only 4 votes. It starts by saying "In our organization, a parent account and its children have the same owner. When we transfer a parent account to a new owner, we must transfer the children in a separate request. ...". 

With our application, when changing the owner of an account that has child accounts, the user is asked if they desire to also change the owner of the children accounts.

Changing Account Owner but not owner of related opps

The idea is old (8+ years as of this writing) and has only 9 votes. It starts by saying "I am currently changing the account owner for a record. When I do this it is changing ALL open opportunities that belonged to the previous account owner into the new account owners name. The previous account owner still needs to be the owner of the open opportunities. there needs to be a way to stop these opportunities transferring. ...". 

With our application, when changing the owner of an account the user has the option to not transfer the open opportunities (and other objects) on a case by case basis.

Allow administrator to configure which objects to expose via the transfer ownership functionality

The idea is old (3+ years as of this writing) and has only 3 votes. It starts by saying "I think it would be a great idea when changing account owners that the administrators can make visible what options they can choose from at time of transfer. ...". 

With our application, the administrator has complete controls of which related objects will be forcefully change owners when the account owner changes, which will never change when the account owner changes, and which the user will be allowed to determine if the object owner will match the account owner.

High-level Roadmap

  • Email notification to previous and new owner of accounts and any child objects