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We Answer Community Requests

Salesforce.com is what we do

We are experienced software developers that choose to work in the Salesforce.com platform, bringing knowledge from a variety of environments, programming languages and databases to the delivery of quality software in a cost-effective manner.


Transparent Roadmaps

Every single app we develop is published with our high-level expected roadmap, and before we work on a new release, we ask our users if we are heading in the right direction and catering to their needs.


Apps born to trailblaze!

We look at what customers are asking and voting for in the Trailblazer Community, imagine possible solutions, and make them a reality.


Contact Us

Please, reach out with questions about our applications, to point out a Trailblazer Community idea that you feel has been overlooked, or to let us know of a specialized need your company has.

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